About Us


Alison Mamadou, PPC Analyst, is a Certified Google Adwords Professional and a 2005 graduate of William & Mary. Alison has been part of the team since 2014, and is involved in almost every aspect of the business, having learned search advertising from the ground up.  

Glynis Lee handles the firm's accounting and administration, and often lends a hand with marketing projects. A native of Liverpool, England, Glynis holds a BA in English and an MA in Philosophy.

Her first car was a 1960 Mini (the original type). She's a motor racing fan and she can execute perfect heel & toe downshifts while double-clutching.

Kimberly Painley is a marketing professional with over 20 years' experience in catalog and internet retail. Since 2004, Kim has spent most of her time managing PPC search engine marketing programs for a variety of clients.

Previously, Kim was Director of Merchandising for AutoSport, a division of International Auto Parts, where she was responsible for product selection, inventory management, and drop-shipped products. Kim developed numerous private label products, including some directly sourced overseas. She was instrumental in the launch of a website that was designed to bring the AutoSport product line to the female market.

Earlier, Kim served as General Manager for the Monticello catalog. 

Kim has a degree from the University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce, with concentrations in marketing and business administration.

Kim loves a wide variety of cars—her favorite is her trusty, black 1988 BMW M5, which was the fastest 4-door sedan on the market when it was built.

The Mark Lee Group was founded in 2007 by a veteran catalog and web marketer with 29 years in the industry and a track record of successfully growing smaller organizations.

Mark is also a total gearhead—his passion is restoring classic cars and motorcycles.

Before launching his marketing consulting / PPC practice, Mark was VP of Sales and Marketing at International Auto Parts, a Virginia-based automotive catalog and online retailer. The AutoSport division sells general automotive accessories, while the International Auto Parts division was the nation’s largest supplier of Alfa Romeo and Fiat parts.

Previously, Mark was VP of Marketing at Crutchfield Corporation for 13 years. During his tenure, the company grew 11-fold. Crutchfield is now one of the country’s largest and most respected online marketers.

Earlier, Mark gained direct marketing experience as Manager of Corporate Development for Fingerhut Corp. and as Circulation Manager for both Foster & Gallagher and Figi's, Inc.

Mark received his MBA in 1977 from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, after earning a bachelor's degree from Ohio University.