How we're different 

There are larger PPC agencies with powerful software to analyze search traffic and make thousands of tiny bid adjustments based on the data. However, only very large ecommerce marketers generate enough data for these algorithms to perform their miracles. It can take many months, or even years, for an individual search keyword to generate statistically-significant data. By then, the underlying product or its market may have changed completely.

Our approach is based on old-fashioned thinking. This requires detailed product knowledge and a deep understanding of how people search for your products. For example, before we even upload an ad group for a new product, we will have thought through and included dozens of negative terms to block wasteful traffic. We avoid "one-size-fits-all" ads that agencies use when they don't take the time to understand the product being sold. Instead, we write specific ads that will resonate with shoppers who are in the market. The benefits are twofold: higher click-through rates, and fewer wasteful clicks generated by ads that don't truly represent the landing page experience.

In fact, we were encouraged to start this business by the founder of a large PPC agency who recognized the limitations of his firm's algorithm-oriented technology for small-to-mid-sized retailers. Our clients reap the benefits of our more individualized approach.

PPC Management


We are a results-driven online advertising agency specializing in pay-per-click advertising on the major search platforms (Google, Bing, and Yahoo).

We work with online retailers to help them arrive at the appropriate ad cost / revenue ceiling for their PPC programs – one that balances their growth and profitability goals. Then we build a program from scratch or take over management of existing accounts, with regular reporting of results against those goals.

While we believe in advertising your "brand" search terms, we carefully isolate those as "low-hanging fruit" and concentrate on building truly incremental business from "non-brand" search.

In addition to sponsored text ads, we work with your product feed to build and manage product listing ads in shopping campaigns.

As the major platforms continue to evolve and add features, we monitor these changes and incorporate the best of them into your program. (They're not all good for your business.)

Although we can help any online marketer, we have chosen to focus our efforts on companies selling automotive-related and other technical products.